CCCA-BTP talks about equality in the French magazine Education Permanente

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Under the title “Women Can Build: Training women in construction trades” the French Partners Comité de Concertation et de Coordination de l’Apprentissage du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics (CCCA-BTP) have brought the Project closer to the French public. The special edition of the magazine Education Permanente “L’apprentissage dans le BTP: une expertise en action” (trans.…

The Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid, at M21 Radio

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Last November 28th, Women Can Build sat down at the Objetivo Empleo M21 Radio microphones, to bring the European project closer to the people of Madrid. Carmen Gutierrez Olondriz, employment technician of Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid and part of the Women Can Build team, was in charge of explaining the objectives and the…

New European report on glass ceilings: Women in management

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The gender inequality remains a defining characteristic of European labour markets. Despite rising participation in the labour force, women’s careers remain concentrated in specific jobs and economic sectors. Moreover, their career mobility and advancement through the ranks into management remain limited (identify as a glass ceiling). In connection with the specific working conditions of management…