Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Training of trainers for the “development of gender equality skills” through a MOOC -Massive Open Online Course-.

The objective is to allow trainers in the sector to become aware of existing barriers in terms of gender equality, know solutions or good practices and measures used to solve them and learn to deal with conflict resolution.

The MOOC is now available in English.


Manual for Trainers, Guidance and Work Guidance

Manual of gender integration for trainers, counselors and guidance counselors for their application in the classroom, workshop or company.

Roadmap for the centres

Roadmap for VET centres for “construction training with gender sensitivity”.

The objective is to create an educational methodology and training for the VET centres of the sector aimed at achieving effective training in equality, through recommendations and actions ranging from the re-design of the training offer and the re-formulation of the delivery of training and evaluation, up to the provision of specific didactic resources, in order to combat gender stereotypes in VET systems and facilitate the integration of women.

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