The Chilean Chamber of Construction is interested in the projects of Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

The entity received a Chilean delegation at its Madrid headquarters to learn about international work in the field of training in the sector.

Last Friday, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción presented the Women Can Build project to a delegation of representatives from the Chilean Construction Chamber, as an example of the commitment of the entity to achieve an equal and better qualified sector. During the meeting, the international entity was interested in learning about the training system for professionals in the sector that is in force in Spain.

José Antonio Viejo, Director of Training and Employment at the Fundación, received the group and presented, together with the Women Can Build initiative, other European projects that promote the improvement of professional skills in the sector, such as Construction Blueprint, which defines the new strategic framework of competencies for the European construction industry; H&S Blueprint for the definition of a strategic framework of competencies in Health and Safety for the new jobs in the sector; Construye 2020+ which represents a new impulse for eco jobs, growth and sustainability; Upp Games, which is working to make the industry safer by training professionals to work at heights; and VRoad, which uses virtual reality to strengthen the health and safety skills of workers in road maintenance and operation.

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