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Equal opportunities as a fundamental social value of the EU

Equality between women and men is one of the fundamental values ​​of the EU. However, although gender equality has been a strong commitment of the EU, inequalities persist in several areas. Persistent barriers are often indirect, difficult to discern, caused and maintained by structural phenomena and social representations, particularly resistant to change.

Equal opportunities, as one of the objectives of gender equality, is based on the logic that a whole range of strategies, actions and measures are necessary to correct persistent and entrenched inequalities.

For this reason, Women can Build project develops various actions and tools aimed at intervening in the main actors involved in the integration of women in the sector, from the access gate (training) to the scope of activity development (companies).

European relevance

It is not the first time that it is intended to link women to the labor market in the construction sector, but it has usually been intervened at the local level.

The special relevance of this project comes from its scope of action, with the participation of six European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. Despite the specificities of each country, the history of women in construction is similar. This project can be a great success story with an impact at European level, with the probability of being transferred to other countries and institutions regardless of whether they are or not linked to the project.

On the other hand, the training centers participating in the project belong to the European network REFORME, and are linked to public authorities and participated by social agents of the sector.