Women in the construction industry, let’s talk about it!

Women in the construction industry, let’s talk about it!

From January 27th to January 31st, 2020, the VET centre of Lille Métropole of BTP CFA welcomed a group of 10 young girls during a dedicated week, «Women in the construction industry, let’s talk about it!», organised within the framework of the European project “Women Can Build”.

The aims of this project are to remove the cultural barriers, to abolish gender stereotypes in the construction sector and to introduce women to the multiplicity of trades offered by the construction industry.

During this week, supervised by the VET centre teams, these young girls had the opportunity to make works in plaster, painting, mosaic and carpentry workshops. Both the trainers and the participants played the game, volunteering to acquire new skills, thanks to this unprecedented professional experience.

9 of these volunteers came from the EPIDE (Establishment for Integration into Employment), whose primary mission is to enable young people who are the furthest from employment to take part in a positive process of integration and to lead them to build their place, in a sustainable way, in the world of work and in society, so that they become actors of their future.

At the end of this week, when asked “Would you be willing to do it again?” they all said yes.

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