Three women participate in the pilot experiment “Women can build” at the Ifapme Centre in Belgium

Three women participate in the pilot experiment “Women can build” at the Ifapme Centre in Belgium

The pilot experience was organized in ConstruForm Liège (competence centre of construction trades co-managed by IFAPME and Forem, the Walloon public employment agency), on the model of an afternoon of discovery of 4 construction trades (carpentry, metallurgy-welding, painting and roofing) exclusively for women, so that they could try out the tools and machines used in the training centre, meet the trainers, ask all their questions and obtain information on job and training opportunities in the construction sector. Participants could discover trades that they knew little or nothing about. They learned how to use new tools, machines and techniques. They also learned that the centre and the trainers had experience in hosting women in these sections and that they could fit right in. The participants liked the variety of workshops offered and the general atmosphere of the afternoon, which was very positive and welcoming. The participants were impressed by the pedagogy and patience of the trainers with beginners. They also appreciated the positive experiences shared by the trainers about former female trainees.

Seven women registered, but in the end only three were able to and and three trainers were involved.

The 3 participants were women between 32 and 54 years old and all 3 were in a process of career re-orientation and were curious to learn more about the opportunities offered by the construction industry.

Photo gallery of the pilot course.
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