“There are no women and there are no men, there are people who work in the field who are competent”

“There are no women and there are no men, there are people who work in the field who are competent”

Fátima Carvalho, Cenfic’s student of Measurements and Budgets of Civil Construction, dreams of dedicating herself to the sector in a professional way.

QUESTION.-  What course do you attend?

ANSWER.- I´m currently attending the Measurements and Quantity Technician Course. I came to CENFIC to know the courses that existed and also talk about the Course of Construction Technician. I signed up mainly because I liked Autocad.

Q.- Do you like the area?

A.- I have an old house to restore. I asked for quotes from two builders and it was confusing because I didn´t understand anything. This training will help me a lot and will open new horizons.

Q.- Do you expect work in restoration?

A.-  I like art and have knowledge of art history. Help to be able to work in restoration, wood and stone.

Q.- Restoration and Rehabilitation are two very important areas in the future. Do you have family members working in Civil Construction?

A.-  I have a brother who helped me a lot to choose between the course of Construction and the Measurements and Quantity Technician course. This is more complete but not the easiest.

Q.-  This is an area more specific.

A.- The trainers are very good, they are fabulous. We learn a lot from practical situations in building, everyday.

Q.- Have you been advised to do this training?

A.- Yes, I keep training because the quality. It is an asset.

Q.- Would you advise a friend to do training in Construction?

A.- I already advised. At Fil, in Tektónica. It is a friend who has been in Portugal for some years. We are trying the machines. She liked it a lot and already wanted to do this training. I always find it a plus to approach the building. It´s not just men, little by little, we have to integrate.

Q.- Do you aim to work in a company? And also do work for you?

A.-  If there is a company that wants to hire me and I can be an asset, I´m open to proposals. I want to finish this course.

Q.- When the course ends?

A.- It ends in December after holidays.

Q.- What obstacles do you expect to find in a company?

A.- I hope do not find many because we have to show what we are capable to do.  They can look at us thinking: “is a woman and she doesn´t know how to work…”.
You have to show that we know, show work.

Q.- Is it a way to overcome obstacles?

A.- Exactly, we have to be able to overcome. The best way is to be able to do it, forgetting that we are women. There are no women and men, but people who works and must be competent.

Q.- Do you agree with the phrase: “Is construction a male work?”

A.- I agree because the largest percentage is men and still.

Q.- The percentage of women is still very small.

A.- In the future women will also be able to enter the work world of men and stay there and show what they are worth.

Q.- I hope so. this project that we are involved means Women Can Build has its main objective to encourage women to join the building. Finally, what are the benefits of women in building?

A.-  The perspective is very masculine. The plus is that women have very good ideas.

Q.- What characteristics have women different from men?

A.- Women are very multipurpose. Their vision is broader. Men are more task oriented and don´t look much around. The women are more human, has different ability to manage things. At home we know how to manage the chaos and we have to resist, in construction is the same. The men can learn from us and say it was good that the women came work here. Your project is interesting.

Q.- This project is European and involves six countries. Though various strategies, we want to encourage women to start building. The countries are: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.

A.- All countries with fewer women in Construction is a common fact and therefore it helps to.

Q.- It is a joint European work and all these countries have this reality, fewer women in construction then men. We have to change this situation.

A.- I agree.

Q.- Thank you very much for your collaboration. Your input will be very useful for our project and to show that is worth women to integrate the building Construction.

A.- Yes, it is an asset.